The research consortium is composed by:



       Dr. Vincent Glerum and Hans Kijlstra (see profiles)



      Prof. André Klip, Dr. Christina Peristeridou and Renata Barbosa (see profiles)

       John Edwards 

      Dr. Mariana Radu


       Prof. Małgorzata Wąsek-Wiaderek

ImprovEAW also has a Sounding Board


The Sounding Board is composed of academics and practitioners from nine Member States not represented in the project and from one third State.


  • Tuuli Eerolainen, Finland, State Prosecutor at the Office of the State Prosecutor;
  • Jorge Espina, Spain, Deputy National Member for Spain at Eurojust;
  • Jan Ginter, Estonia, Professor at the University of Tartu;
  • Juliette Lelieur, France, Professor at the University of Strasbourg;
  • Monique Lundh, Denmark, PhD Candidate at Maastricht University;
  • Teresa Magno, Italy, Italian Desk at Eurojust;
  • Anna Ondrejová, Slovakia, General Prosecutor’s Office of the Slovak Republic;
  • Aneta Petrova, Bulgaria, Federal University for Applied Administrative Sciences;
  • Vânia Costa Ramos, Portugal, Lawyer
  • Annika Suominen, Norway, Associate Professor at Stockholm University;
  • Gintaras Švedas, Lithuania, Professor at Vilnius University.