Our publications

Here you can find the research output of the project

    • Questionnaire 

             The research output is based on answers to a comprehensive questionnaire on EAWs perceived problems and their root causes. To read the questionnaire, click on:

    • Country reports 

             In order to propose practical tools and best practices, ImprovEAW used the reports of seven Member States with the aim of detecting common issues in EAWs. Check the country reports of experts from:

    • Common Practical Guidelines 

    The CPG consist of guidelines for judicial authorities when filling in and when assessing an EAW. In essence, the CPG will complement the EAW-form and the Handbook. The common practical guidelines should be geared to presenting the required information in a clear, comprehensive and consistent manner, thus obviating as far as possible any need for supplementary information and the risk of overlooking the necessity of supplementary information. In the event that the executing judicial authority is of the opinion that it does not have sufficient information to decide on the execution of the EAW, the CPG aim at formulating requests for supplementary in such a way that it is clear to the issuing judicial what is needed and providing a feasible time frame for complying with the request. To read the CPG click: 






    • The research report & recommendations

    Check the findings of our project and the recommendations.

    • Proposals for dissemination and e-learning 

    The proposal for dissemination is a plan set by ImprovEAW to promote the activities and the results of the project, as well as to maximise the project’s impact. It covers dissemination of results, monitoring of outreach and evaluation of our impact.  

    The proposal for e-learning cover ideas for digital interaction for EAW form users. It is also covered by the proect recommendations, which suggests improvements in the interactive environments involved in EAWs. 

    • Sounding Board  considerations  

    To check the Sounding Board contributions to the report, Common Practical Guidelines and Recommendations click on: 

    • Symposium proceedings  

    We briefly summarised the discussions held in our Symposium, to check them click: